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Refund & Cancellation Policy

Registration Info:
Nothing spoils a good program faster than everyone waiting until the last minute to register.
Registration cannot be processed without full payment.
North Reading Parks & Recreation reserves the right to set minimums and maximums for all programs and trips and to cancel any program or trip due to insufficient enrollment, to change the date, time or location for any program because of unforeseen circumstances.
Registrations are accepted:
In person at the N. Reading Parks & Rec. Office
By mail by completing your registration form and returning it with full payment to:
North Reading Parks & Recreation, 235 North St. N. Reading, 01864.
Over the phone with MasterCard, Visa or Discover.
Registrations are accepted on a first come-first served basis with full payment.  You are not considered registered unless full payment has been received and there is availability in the program.
Payment and/or participation to the North Reading Parks & Recreation Department constitutes consent to our Disclaimer.
Program Cancellations:
All recreation programs will be cancelled when school is cancelled, delayed or has early dismissal in the event of inclement weather, scheduled closings, or late openings. Cancelled sessions may be made up by adding classes at the end of the session.
Check your e-mails or the website for updates to programs.
Refunds are issued:
If a program is cancelled by the Parks & Rec. Department.
On request for a medical reason and with written notification from a doctor and approval by the appropriate Director.
If you withdraw from a class or program, we reserve the right to charge a $10 administrative fee including refunds allowed for a medical reason or due to the participant which was not the fault of the Parks & Recreation Department.
No refunds are issued:
If you withdraw within 7  days prior to the program start.
For purchases of any discount tickets.
For our Kid Connection or Summerscape program unless a medical note is provided to the Parks & Rec. Department and upon approval of the Recreation Director.
Bus Trips:
Due to the nature and commitment of bus contracts, a refund will be granted to only registered individuals who cancel three weeks (40 days for overnight trips) prior to the date of the trip.
Bus Trips That Involve Tickets to Shows or Performances:
Trips that include ticket purchases and bus transportation are non-refundable unless they can be re-sold to someone on a waiting list.   You can sell your spot to someone else not on our waiting list so long as we are notified in advance to have a registration form completed for the trip roster.